ToolTip: LightScreen (Screen Capture Utility)

Here’s yet another FREE screen capture utility I’ve come across. LightScreen allows you to capture the entire screen, just a Window or an area of the screen. LightScreen can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: Boxcutter – A Command line screenshot utility

Boxcutter is a simple command line-driven screenshot program for Microsoft Windows. Below you find a short script I wrote that will take a screenshot of the full screen every 20 seconds until 100 screenshots are saved. One usage scenario (I plan to use) is where you are running an OS installation within a Virtual Machine and want to take screenshots of the various stages of the installation without having to manually take a screenshot. You Read More …

ToolTip: Microsoft Screenrecorder

If you’re looking for a FREE and easy to use Screen Recorder then I suggest you head over to this TechNet Magazine March 2009 Utility Spotlight article. There you will find a description and download link for this little nice tool. If you’re using Windows 7, which I assume most of you do by now, read the note that the end of the article.

ToolTip: CaptureScreen

Here’s another FREE Screen capture utility. Just download and run, no installation needed. Download and documentation can be found here

ToolTip: Screenpresso

I have seen many FREE Screen Capture tools, but this one beats them all. Screenpresso is a small FREE Screen Capture utility that comes with a lot of nice features and doesn’t require an install. Screenpresso can capture windows, regions, context menus and objects within dialog boxes. Furthermore the tool includes an integrated image editor that allows you to apply various effects such as adding Text, draw a rectangle, blur a selected region and add Read More …