ToolTip: Boxcutter – A Command line screenshot utility

Boxcutter is a simple command line-driven screenshot program for Microsoft Windows. Below you find a short script I wrote that will take a screenshot of the full screen every 20 seconds until 100 screenshots are saved.

One usage scenario (I plan to use) is where you are running an OS installation within a Virtual Machine and want to take screenshots of the various stages of the installation without having to manually take a screenshot. You would just let the script run, it will probably produce more screenshots as needed, but these then can be deleted manually afterwards.

@echo off
:: ———————————————-
:: seconds to wait until taking next screenshot
set waitsecs=20
:: maximum # of screenshots that will be taken
set maxcapture=100
:: ———————————————

set start=0

:: first prepare the filename using date and time string, cut off fractional seconds and replace
:: colons with dashes
set t=%time:~0,8%
set t=%t::=-%
set FileName=capture-%date%-%t%

:: Capture fullscreen
boxcutter.exe -f %FileName%.png
timeout %waitsecs%
set /A count=start+1
set start=%count%
if %count% gtr %maxcapture% GOTO :END

Echo Screen Capture batch process completed.

Boxcutter is FREE and can be downloaded from Matthew D. Rasmussen’s website here

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