Windows BCD Store

Before Windows Vista Boot Configuration Information was stored within the boot.inifile. With the introduction of Windows Vista Microsoft has completely reengineered the boot environment and Windows startup process. . Since then Boot Configuration information is not stored within the boot.ini anymore but within the BCD store. BCD = Boot Configuration Data. To learn more about BCD read the following articles: Boot Configuration Data in Windows Vista BCDEdit Commands for Boot Environment To modify the content Read More …

Intel AMT in action

For those of you who do have vPro capable machines in their environment, but never had the chance to take a closer look at the AMT features, this blog post might be of interest. For most people I assume the biggest hurdle to start using the AMT technology is that you need a System Management Infrastructure setup that provides AMT support like Microsoft SCCM, Altiris Client Management Suite, Intel Landesk or the HP System Configuration Read More …

What happens before the OS loads

Ever wondered what actually happens when you turn on your PC before it loads the operating system ? Watch this video with Jamie Schwartz, Development Lead, Windows Kernel Dev team, and Andrew Ritz, Development Manager, Windows Kernel Dev team. Windows Vista PreOS Environment: What happens before the OS loads

vPro colors in BIOS

When remotely accessing the system BIOS of a HP Compaq dc7800 desktop machine using vPro, the BIOS appears in black and white as shown in the picture below: to get the native BIOS colors you must configure the terminal emulator mode to ANSI then, the BIOS will appear with colors as if you were sitting in front of the physical machine. Thanks to Claude Henchoz for the hint.