Windows BCD Store

Before Windows Vista Boot Configuration Information was stored within the boot.inifile. With the introduction of Windows Vista Microsoft has completely reengineered the boot environment and Windows startup process. . Since then Boot Configuration information is not stored within the boot.ini anymore but within the BCD store. BCD = Boot Configuration Data.

To learn more about BCD read the following articles:

To modify the content of the BCD Store, Microsoft has included bcdedit.exe as part of the Operating System,a command line tool to modify the BCD store. Using BCDEDIT can be quite a challenge and incorrect changes can result in a non-booting system. So if you plan to play around with BCDEDIT I strongly recommend that you first create a backup of your  BCD by typing the following command:


Now for those of you who prefer using a GUI to edit the BCD store I recommend using EasyBCDprovided by Neosmart Technologies. EasyBCD provides a nice GUI to modify, backup and restore your Boot Configuration Data and IT’S FREE !!


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