How to check the status of BIOS – UEFI – Secure Boot with PowerShell

During the past weeks I spend a bit of time deploying Windows 8 to UEFI enabled clients. With PowerShell 3.0 on Windows 8 you will find some new cmdlets that provide information about the status of your system’s BIOS/UEFI/Secure boot configuration. The below table shows the return values depending on whether the system’s firmware is using BIOS, UEFI and if Secure boot is enabled or not.   BIOS / UEFI Setup BIOS UEFI with CSM Read More …

Microsoft UE-V and PolicyPak – Better Together

In this video Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz demonstrates why customers planning using Microsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE’V) might also want to consider using PolicyPak. More details about PolicyPak and the video transcript can be found here

What happens before the OS loads

Ever wondered what actually happens when you turn on your PC before it loads the operating system ? Watch this video with Jamie Schwartz, Development Lead, Windows Kernel Dev team, and Andrew Ritz, Development Manager, Windows Kernel Dev team. Windows Vista PreOS Environment: What happens before the OS loads