Windows 7 Search Connector for Citrix eDocs

Here’s another Search Connector for Windows 7 I’ve just created. Start your Citrix eDocs search directly from the Windows Explorer. Installing the Search Connector for Citrix eDocs Download the from here. Extract the citrixedocs.osdx from the ZIP file Double click on the osdx file Click Add to install the Search Connector To remove the Search Connector simply click on the Citrix eDocs Search Connector in Windows Explorer and select Remove. Then open windows explorer Read More …

BGInfo Template for XenDesktop 5

During the past weeks I have spend a bit of time with Citrix XenDesktop 5 and while I was busy creating Desktop Groups, updating Master images, I thought i t could be helpful to see some information directly on the desktop. Show things on the desktop?, okay that’s a no-brainer, BGInfo from Sysinternals is what we need. So I created a template for BGInfo that just shows the information I need when using XenDesktop. The Read More …

ReadTip: AppLocker Technical Documentation for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

  The AppLocker Technical Documentation for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 provides technical guidance about understanding how AppLocker works and how to effectively plan and deploy AppLocker policies. Download the documents from  here

ToolTip: HDX Monitor for XenDesktop

If you experience poor performance using a XenDesktop session, video and audio is not playing nicely, the Windows Event log is showing messages as shown below, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on. Network latency is above the level supported by HDX MediaStream for Flash.  Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available. Measured latency (milliseconds): 86 Citrix has a FREE tool available to validate the operation of HDX. The Tool Read More …

Retrieve Windows Boot Time Script

Here’s a small batch script to get the Windows 7 Boot time shown in milliseconds. @echo off FOR /F "Tokens=4" %%a IN (‘%windir%\system32\wevtutil.exe qe Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational /rd:true /f:Text /c:1 /q:"*[System[(EventID = 100)]]"  /e:Events ^| FIND "Duration"’) DO SET BTIME=%%a ECHO Boot Time is : %BTIME% Inspiration for this script came from the article Monitor System Startup Performance in Windows 7 written by Sean Wheeler for WindowsITPro.

ToolTip: Citrix Port Check (CtxPrtChk.exe)

Here’s a nice small and FREE utility from Citrix that allows you to test connectivity to a remote host on a specified port. In the example below I test if port 5900 (used for VNC) is open and listening. Download CtxPrtChk from here

ReadTip: XenDesktop 5 MCS or PVS

If you’re planning to implement a XenDesktop 5 solution, you will have to think about using MCS (Machine Creation Services) or PVS (Provisioning Services). The XenDesktop Planning Guide for Image Delivery provides some guidance on this subject. The paper can be found here

Remote access to the XenServer Configuration Console GUI

The XenServer Configuration Console GUI can be accessed remotely by entering the following command at the prompt xsconsole

ToolTip: Bits Monitor

Bits Monitor is a small FREE utility that displays BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) activity. Bits Monitor can be downloaded from here

Group Policy Settings to control BITS Bandwidth usage

I just read the article BITS – More Flexible Bandwidth Limit Policies on the Windows Management Infrastructure Blog which describes how BITS bandwidth usage can be configured through Group Policy settings. For Windows 7 (or computers with BITS 3.5 installed) there are 2 Group Policies that provide more granular control of BITS bandwidth usage during working / non-working days/hours and during scheduled maintenance days/hours. The 2 GPOs can be found under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Read More …