Windows 7 Search Connector for Citrix eDocs

Here’s another Search Connector for Windows 7 I’ve just created. Start your Citrix eDocs search directly from the Windows Explorer.

2011-05-24 22h08_03

Installing the Search Connector for Citrix eDocs

  1. Download the from here.
  2. Extract the citrixedocs.osdx from the ZIP file
  3. Double click on the osdx file
    2011-05-24 22h29_47
  4. Click Add to install the Search Connector

To remove the Search Connector simply click on the Citrix eDocs Search Connector in Windows Explorer and select Remove. Then open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Users\<user>\Searches (where <user> is your username) and delete the file Citrix eDocs.searchConnector-ms

Happy searching!

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