Saving on WAN Costs with BranchCache

In this video Oliver Rist, Technical Product Manager at the Windows Server group, talks about BranchCache, the Features, the usage modes and the benefits. Watch the video here or download the Transcript from here

Windows 7 Search – Part2

Well this isn’t really the Part2 I intended to write, but I just stumbled upon some interesting content that relates to Windows 7 Search, and wanted to share this. Part3 will follow in the near future. TechNet: Windows Browse and Organize Features A post from Ray: Windows 7 Libraries: This network location can’t be included because it is not indexed

BranchCache Step by Step Guides

These two BranchCache Step by Step guides provide practical guidance for setting up BranchCache in Distributed or Hosted Cache Mode within a test network.  Download the BranchCache Hosted Cache Mode Step by Step Guide here Download BranchCache Distributed Cache Mode Step by Step Guide here

XenApp Demos from the Cloud

In these days we hear a lot about Desktop Virtualization and Application Virtualization. Last week-end someone asked me what I was currently doing and I told him that beside my normal day job, I am doing a number of Citrix trainings. Now let me mention that this person is just a regular user who doesn’t know anything about managing an Enterprise IT infrastructure, leave alone he would understand what Virtualization technology is about. Heck… how Read More …

WatchTip: History of Citrix

Those who are following my blog on a regular basis know that I am also interested in the history of IT. Since in these days Citrix (especially XenDesktop) has a high ranking on my personal list of interests, I spend some time today to find some information about the History of Citrix. So here we go: A Deep Dive Into the 20 Year History and Technical Developments of Citrix Systems, a video from BriForum 2009 Read More …

WatchTip: Video demo of AppDNA AppTitude from MMS 2010

Application Compatibility in these days is a hot topic. Watch this Demo and find out how AppTitude from AppDNA can help you to speed up your Application Compatibility analysis and remediation effort. Watch the video here Source:

Windows 7 Search – Part1

Federated Search is one of the new features introduced with Windows 7. A few weeks ago I wrote another post about the Windows 7 Search Provider and demonstrated how to use a search connector that allows searching web content from within the Windows Explorer. Today I want to demonstrate how to extend Windows Search to find content on a remote network location. To allow users searching content that is stored on a remote File Server, Read More …

ToolTip: Microsoft Product Support Reports and Microsoft Product Support Reports Viewer

If you get tasked to do some system troubleshooting and you just want to get as many information possible from a client, then have a look at the Microsoft Product Support Report Tool and the Product Support Reports Viewer. The Microsoft Product Support Reports Viewer 2.0 can be downloaded from here and the Microsoft Product Support Reports from here First launch the Microsoft Product Support Tool, which is a self-extracting executable (no installation needed). Once Read More …

Windows 7 Product Activation Methods

Today I was asked whether Windows 7 Ultimate can be activated through KMS, since we’re primarily busy with Windows 7 Enterprise I couldn’t instantly provide an answer (I prefer to first check out things instead of providing an incorrect answer). So unless I have overlooked something…… only Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise can be activated using a KMS Infrastructure. Source: Windows Partner Activation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Volume License Keys

A good FAQ about Microsoft Volume licensing. Details here