Windows 7 Compatibility Search

Just came across the Windows 7 Compatibility Search provider, allowing you to do a quick Windows 7 compatibility check for an application or hardware. Download and install the Windows 7 Compatibility Search Provider from here

Optimizations for Virtualized Windows 7 clients

Just found these two blog posts that describe some Registry and Services optimizations when running Windows 7 as a virtual client. Windows 7 Registry Optimizations for Virtual Desktops Windows 7 Optimization – Disable Services Thanks to Daniel Feller for sharing this

Bring Your Own Computer – Part 1

The first time I became familiar with the term Bring Your Own was when I traveled through Australia with my wife and oldest son back in the year 2000. It basically means that you are allowed to bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant and just pay a corkage fee. Nowadays we hear a lot about companies that consider implementing a BYOC policy meaning that they allow their employees to bring their own Read More …

ReadTip: Best Practice: Active Directory Structure Guidelines

Alan Burchill author of the Group Policy Center blog has posted 2 great articles on Best Practices for Active Directory Structures. Best Practice:Active Directory Structure Guidelines – Part 1 Best Practice: Group Policy Design Guidelines – Part 2

Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Yesterday I received a pre-release copy of Russel Smith’s book called Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP. The book is entirely dedicated to the subject of running Least Privilege Security (or standard user accounts) on Windows operating systems in the enterprise. The book has 420 pages and covers the following topics: Chapter 1, An Overview of Least Privilege Security in Microsoft Windows Chapter 2, Political and Cultural Challenges for Least Privilege Security Read More …

ReadTip: How Microsoft IT deployed Office 2010

If you are planning deploying Office 2010 throughout an enterprise read this.

ToolTip: BootRacer

When Microsoft developed Windows 7 a dedicated team was assigned to focus on startup performance. For details, read the Engineering Windows 7 – Boot Performance blog post. So what about your startup performance? . My colleague Rudi vanden Dries has been using a utility called BootRacer since a few months which provides a simple way of measuring system startup performance. Documentation, Download details and a short demonstration video can be found here

Head-to-head analysis of Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, Quest vWorkspace, and VMware View

Ruben Spruijt has published an updated whitepaper “VDI Smackdown” which provides you with an overview of today’s VDI solutions. More details here