RunAs Radio

Feeding my hunger for information, I came across the “RunAS Radio” site. RunAs Radio is a weekly internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft Products.

Windows 7 IT Pro Guides

Microsoft has published Windows 7 IT Pro Guides. These documents include: 1) A What’s New in Windows 7 Guide, covering many new and changed Windows 7 features of interest to IT professionals, including DirectAccess, BranchCache and other networking technologies, VHD boot and other deployment technologies, and AppLocker, Biometrics, and other security technologies, and 2) A Windows 7 Manageability Overview Guide, covering the manageability improvements that can reduce total cost of ownership by helping to increase Read More …

Windows 7 Theme Packs

Just found a nice article on Mike Swanson’s blog about Windows 7 Theme Packs. Windows 7 introduces theme packs, which are .cab files that contain all of the necessary assets to implement a theme, including sound files and images. Download the official Microsoft Theme Packs here Download the Theme Packs from Mike Swanson here While in Windows XP it was rather a pain to create your own Themes, it looks like in Windows 7 things Read More …

Something got mixed up

I just checked the Microsoft download site to see if there is anything new. On the top of the list (sorted by release date) I found the Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Something must have got mixed up there.

Using AppLocker in Windows 7 video

Watch the Using AppLocker in Win7 video on TechNet where Paul Cooke gives an insight on what Applocker is, how it works and how to deploy it.

Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate

It looks like the folks in Redmond have a busy time, after Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft now announces that the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 has reached RC status. I suggest they keep up the speed and bring us Windows 7 soon as well. More information is available here: Announcing the Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RC Notable Changes in SP2 RC for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Hotfixes Read More …

Some thoughts on IPv6

About 3 years ago when Windows Vista was on the horizon there has been a lot of talk around IPv6. But since then, at least in the environment I work in, it has become quiet around this topic. On Wikipedia we can read that based on a study from Google, penetration is still less than one percent of Internet traffic in any country But nowadays we more often hear about the IPv4 Address exhaustion meaning Read More …

Free Microsoft Press E-Book: Windows Vista Resource Kit

Microsoft Press is celebrating their 25th anniversary and is therefore giving away the “Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition” E-BOOK. You can download the complete E-Book (44 MB) from here.

IPv4 vs IPv6 Song

In my next blog post i will address the IP version 6 topic, but let me first share this amusing video I found while I was collecting information around IPv6. It’s really worth listening. 

Dust can bring your PC down

Yesterday I helped out a friend to move into his new apartment. Once we had completed moving the heavy parts he asked me if I could connect his PC and while i would do that maybe also do a quick system check. So I connected back all the cables and powered up the machine and noticed that it was incredibly loud, but did not pay any further notice to that. I checked if the system Read More …