BitLocker Deployment Sample Resources

During my weekly “let’s see what’s new”  search on some of my favorite websites, I found the “Bitlocker Deployment Sample Resources” on the MSDN Code Gallery. The Resource Page contains a lot of documentation and useful script samples for the deployment and management of Microsoft Bitlocker.

Windows Vista Application Compatibility List

Is your application vista compatible ? The Windows Vista Application Compatibility List for IT professionals might give you the answer. The list contains all applications that have the status “Certified for Windows Vista” or “Works with Windows Vista”. This list might be helpful as well in planning for Windows7, since “most” applications that work for Windows Vista are supposed to work on Windows7 as well.

ToolTip – PowerPlan Switcher for Windows

Just came across this very nice utility called the Smart Power Plan Switcher for Windows. The utility allows you to configure the power scheme to be used based on the current power status. So once your system runs on battery it will automatically switch to the preferred power scheme. the Software can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Gallery

Browse and extract files from a WIM file using 7-Zip

7-Zip is a free file archiver supporting many of today’s known archive formats such as ZIP, CAB, RAR and many more. Anyone who deals a lot with WIM files (Windows Image files) knows about the mount and un-mount commands and if you use imagex.exe and dism.exe on a regular basis you probably know the commands out of your head. 7-Zip also allows you to open, browse and extract content from a WIM file. This is Read More …

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 cleanup

Note that once you have installed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 you can run the compcln.exe utility to make your installation permanent and remove any sources from the previous state. After you have executed compcln.exe, you will notice that you get some free disk space back.

Windows Virtual PC – first experiences

With the release of the Windows7 RC0 build, Microsoft also published a first Beta for Windows Virtual PC that provides the underlying technology for XP Mode feature. Windows Virtual PC cannot only run Windows XP but does also allow running virtualized Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients. After having installed a Windows Vista guest, it’s important to install both the integration features as well as the rail_qfe_beta_for_vista_sp1_x86_343758.msu. If you don’t install the last, you won’t Read More …

Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7 – Part2

In part one of “Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7”  I highlighted the new, renamed and removed services that come with Windows7. Some Services are not quite new, but are now just installed by default. One example is the ActiveX Installer Service. The below table lists those Services where the startup mode was changed from Automatic (Vista) to manual (Win7). Note that the “Status” for some Services on your system might be different. Read More …

Windows Services, what changed from Vista to Windows7 Part1

Today I took a closer look at the Windows Services running on Windows7. A lot of the performance improvements with Windows7 are related to the way how and when services are being loaded so i thought it’s worth to see what’s happening there. I first installed a Windows 7 build 7077 and a Windows Vista SP1 client on my Hyper-V server. Because I am primarily interested in what’s happening in an enterprise environment, both clients Read More …