ToolTip: Known Folders Browser

Are you finding all the “special folders” in Windows Vista/7/8 a bit overwhelming? Which are real folders and which are virtualized? Which are profile-specific and which are common to all users? Which are rooted and which are relative? The Known Folders Browser can help. The Known Folders Browser written by Kenny Kerr can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: LightScreen (Screen Capture Utility)

Here’s yet another FREE screen capture utility I’ve come across. LightScreen allows you to capture the entire screen, just a Window or an area of the screen. LightScreen can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool

This .NET Framework setup verification tool is designed to automatically perform a set of steps to verify the installation state of one or more versions of the .NET Framework on a computer.  It will verify the presence of files, directories, registry keys and values for the .NET Framework.  It will also verify that simple applications that use the .NET Framework can be run correctly. More details and download links can be found on Aaron Stebner’s Read More …

How to get the SQLCMD standalone for Microsoft SQL Server Management

In the days that I was an Oracle database admin (long long time ago) the two most important applications I used to manage a database were SQLNet and SQL Plus. SQL-Net for providing database connectivity and SQL Plus as the command line interface. For Microsoft SQL Server the kind of equivalent to Oracle’s SQL Plus is SQLCMD. But for a long time this utility was only available with a full SQL Server installation or as Read More …

ToolTip: Portable WinCDEmu

One of the first things I usually do when setting up a new system that I plan to use for longer is to install an ISO mount tool. My favorite FREE tool for that is still Virtual CloneDrive. Today I came across another utility that does the same thing, but is portable, meaning there is no need to really install the software, this might come in handy when you can’t or don’t feel like you Read More …

ToolTip: Overlay Message Box

Overlay Message Box is a tiny utility that shows a message box or task dialog on a dimmed desktop. This ensures the attention of the user and makes it a great app for any script that needs to inform a user. All options (Title, Text, Icons etc.) can be set using command line parameters. Overlay Message Box can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: Simple IP/IP Range Ping

I guess the name says it all, Simple IP/IP Range Ping is a small FREE standalone utility to scan an IP range. Simple IP/IP Range ping can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: Adding your AD stored picture to your profile picture with ADUserTile

Back in august 2011 I wrote about a utility called AD Photo Edit which allows you to upload your personal picture into Active Directory. Today I want to share with you another utility I came across called ADUserTile. ADUserTile checks if you have a picture stored within the Active Directory thumbnailPhoto attribute and sets that picture as your profile picture within Windows 7 so it becomes visible at the logon screen and the Windows Desktop. Read More …

ToolTip – HTTPCopy

HTTPCopy is a FREE standalone executable that allows you to directly copy a web file or web page locally. Rather than going to a website and download content manually, you can automate this using the HTTPCopy utility. Below you see an example I am personally using to download the Maxmind GeoLiteCity database I use for one of my blog plugins. HTTPCOPY.EXE GeoLiteCity.dat.gz You can download HTTPCopy from here

ToolTip: Move Mouse

Here’s a tool that has came in handy for me during the past 3 days, so let me share this one with you. Move Mouse is a simple application that generates mouse activity. You can either move the mouse pointer, click the left mouse button, send a keystroke, or any combination of the three. For more details and download  go to the Codeplex project page here.