ToolTip: Portable WinCDEmu

One of the first things I usually do when setting up a new system that I plan to use for longer is to install an ISO mount tool. My favorite FREE tool for that is still Virtual CloneDrive. Today I came across another utility that does the same thing, but is portable, meaning there is no need to really install the software, this might come in handy when you can’t or don’t feel like you Read More …

ToolTip: Virtual CloneDrive

Here’s another FREE virtual CD/DVD clone drive utility. Virtual CloneDrive can mount and unmount most common image formats such as ISO, BIN and CCD.   Virtual CloneDrive can be downloaded from here

Using SUBST instead of a physical DVD or ISO mount utility

While running the BETA version of the Microsoft DaRT Recovery Image Wizard (part of the MDOP Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset) I get prompted to select the DVD Drive that holds the Windows 7 installation sources. Well unfortunately I have the ISO file available but not burned on DVD and since it’s already late I’m not really willing to find an empty DVD and burn one. Now one option is to use an ISO mounting tool Read More …

Grow vmware size

Today i ran out of diskspace on one of my systems that runs within a vmware session. The system disk only had 10 GB and I needed to add another 10 GB. This is what i did: Extend the disk in offline mode by running the following command: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation>vmware-vdiskmanager -x 20GB “C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Virtual Machines\Server 2003 – sysmanage\Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition-cl1.vmdk” It then takes a while until the disk is expanded. Boot the system Read More …

Growing WIM files

You might have experienced that your WIM files seem to grow in size when editing the image. Of course it does, because you add content, but what if you replace files.. well it still grows, exactly by the size of the file(s) you replace. So when replacing larger content within your WIM images they might become bigger as you want.To get the WIM file resized simply perform an export by using imagex.exe.