Windows Licensing Fact Sheet

Has your organization ever acquired PCs without operating systems preinstalled, and then used its Volume Licensing agreement to install the full operating system on those PCs? Download the Windows Licensing Fact Sheet to learn more about Windows Licensing.

WDS – Multicast Transmission to Deploy Multiple Clients

The below video is from Technet where Gordon Ryan explains how to use multicast transmission to deploy multiple clients. [videofile][/videofile]

Windows and Memory Limitations

it was the second time this week i came across the Windows RAM topic, once by reading and once by a question a colleague asked me. So enough reasons to to look for something that describes it in detail. The Memory Limits for Windows Releases are described in detail on MSDN.

The end of Windows 3.11

Remember this boot screen ? Although retired for years now, the Embedded community could still use it. In November 2008 it will definitely retire. Read more about the end of WFW 3.11 on John Coyne’s Embedded blog. As this discussion started in our internal discussion forum, i started looking in my drawer and guess what….. found an old floppy.