PowerShell – Finding ConfigMgr Collections and Members

The below script provides a simple and quick method to find ConfigMgr Collections and its members. The script has a -Name parameter that accepts the exact or part of the collection name. Next all collections that match the name are listed. After selecting a collection, its members are listed.

Function Get-CMColContent()
   Get Configuration Manager Collections and Members
   This script provides an interactive way to find collections and collection members within 
   Configuration Manager. 
   The exact or partial collection name. 
   Get-CMColContent -Name All

    HelpMessage="Enter Collection Name or part of collection Name",

# Change Site Server Name and Site code so it fits your environment
[string] $SiteServer = "servername"
[string] $SiteCode = "010"
[string] $Namespace = "root\SMS\site_$SiteCode"

$CollectionItem = Get-WmiObject -Namespace $Namespace -ComputerName $SiteServer -Query "SELECT Name,LimitToCollectionName,MemberClassName, MemberCount, CollectionType  FROM SMS_Collection WHERE Name LIKE '%$Name%'" | Select-Object Name,LimitToCollectionName,MemberClassName, MemberCount, CollectionType, ResourceID | Sort-Object CollectionType| Out-GridView -Title "Collections" -OutputMode Single

$CollectionType = $CollectionItem.CollectionType
$CollectionName = $CollectionItem.Name
$MemberClassName = $CollectionItem.MemberClassName

If ($CollectionType -eq 2) # Computer collections
        Write-Output "Please wait, this can take a while..."
        $colcontent = Get-WmiObject -Namespace $Namespace -ComputerName $SiteServer -Query "SELECT Name, Active, OperatingSystemNameandVersion, ResourceID FROM SMS_R_SYSTEM where ResourceID in (Select ResourceID from $MemberClassName)" | Select-Object Name, Active, OperatingSystemNameandVersion -wait | Sort-Object Name 
        $colcontent = $colcontent | Out-GridView -Title "Collection: $CollectionName Member Class: $MemberClassName" -OutputMode Multiple
        #return $colcontent
Elseif ($CollectionType -eq 1) # User Collections 
       Write-Output "Please wait, this can take a while..."
       $colcontent = Get-WmiObject -Namespace $Namespace -ComputerName $SiteServer -Query "SELECT UserName, UserPrincipalName, ResourceID FROM SMS_R_USER  where ResourceID in (Select ResourceID from $MemberClassName)" | Select-Object Username, UserPrincipalName, ResourceID -wait
       $colcontent = $colcontent | Out-GridView -Title "Collection: $CollectionName Member Class: $MemberClassName" -OutputMode Multiple 
       #return $colcontent
      Write-output "No support for other Collection Type $Collectiontype"

return $colcontent


Get-CMColContent -Name “All”



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