Use PowerShell to find all collections where the specified device has a membership

Yesterday I deployed a computer with ConfigMgr and then wondered why it got certain software installed. And so another script was born. The Get-CMCollectionOfDevice command retrieves all collections where the specified device has a membership The Script can be downloaded from here

How to identify ConfigMgr collections that take long to refresh

I’ve put together the below PowerShell script this week to identify collections in ConfigMgr that require the longest time to refresh. If you ever experience a decrease in ConfigMgr collection update performance, you might want to run this script to find potential collections that have a long refresh duration.  

Thanks to Roger Zander and Claude Henchoz for the SQL query to find these collections.

PowerShell – Finding ConfigMgr Collections and Members

The below script provides a simple and quick method to find ConfigMgr Collections and its members. The script has a -Name parameter that accepts the exact or part of the collection name. Next all collections that match the name are listed. After selecting a collection, its members are listed.

Example: Get-CMColContent -Name “All”

ConfigMgr 2012 Script for Incremental Collection threshold

As described within the ConfigMgr 2012 Best Practices Wiki on TechNet it’s recommended to keep the number of collections with incremental updates enabled to around 200, this to prevent evaluation delays. So I thought it might be a good idea to keep an eye on collections with incremental updates enabled within our infrastructure using a PowerShell script. The property RefreshType within the SMS_Collection WMI class defines how Configuration Manager refreshes the collection. According to the Read More …