Microsoft Open Specifications Documentation for Group Policy

If you want to learn more about Group Policies then I suggest that you download and read the following documents:

MS-GPSOD]: Group Policy System Overview Document

MS-GPOL]: Group Policy: Core Protocol Specification

MS-GPDPC]: Group Policy: Deployed Printer Connections Extension

MS-GPEF]: Group Policy: Encrypting File System Extension

MS-GPFR]: Group Policy: Folder Redirection Protocol Extension

MS-GPIE]: Group Policy: Internet Explorer Maintenance Extension

MS-GPIPSEC]: Group Policy: IP Security (IPsec) Protocol Extension

MS-GPPREF]: Group Policy: Preferences Extension Data Structure

MS-GPREG]: Group Policy: Registry Extension Encoding

[MS-GPSB]: Group Policy: Security Protocol Extension

MS-GPSCR]: Group Policy: Scripts Extension Encoding

MS-GPSI]: Group Policy: Software Installation Protocol Extension

MS-GPWL]: Group Policy: Wireless/Wired Protocol Extension

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