Group Policy Settings for Microsoft Lync 2010 Client

Just in case you missed this one, Microsoft released documentation and an ADM template for the Microsoft Lync 2010 client. The following settings can be configured.

  • Specify transport and server
  • Enable strict DNS naming for server name
  • Configure SIP security mode
  • Configure SIP compression mode
  • Prevent users from running Microsoft Lync
  • Allow storage of user passwords
  • Require logon credentials
  • Disable HTTP fallback for SIP connection
  • Disable server version check
  • Additional server versions supported
  • Enable using BITS to download Address Book Service files
  • Help Menu
  • Launch Microsoft Lync First Run
  • Turn on tracing for Lync

Download documentation and the ADM template from here

Oh and yes, just in case someone from Microsoft reads this post, what about providing the templates in the latest and greatest ADMX / ADML format instead of just the ADM format?

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