What you should know about the Win32_Product Class

I just read this very interesting article “Why Win32_Product is Bad News!” and if you’re a Desktop Systems Administrator I strongly recommend to the read that article as well. To simulate what Darren is writing about, simply open an elevated command prompt (on a Test system) and type WMIC, once WMIC has started type Product and confirm with Enter. All installed Products will be listed. Now open the Windows Event Viewer. (Eventvwr.msc) and open the Read More …

Quick Access to installed QFEs

Instead of opening several windows, here’s an easy way to get a list of installed QFE’s. simply open a command prompt and type: WMIC QFE or WMIC QFE get caption,hotfixid,installedon or if you are looking for a specific update, enter the following command: WMIC QFE | find “958559” where 958559 relates to the MS KB number. If the QFE is installed, it will be listed. Related posts: 3 seconds to get system serial number