ToolTip: CBS Package Inspector

CBS Package Inspector (Package Inspector) is a GUI tool that allows you to open up a Component Based Servicing (CBS) package and view and examine its manifests. In simple words, with this utility you can open and view the content of Microsoft Security Update and QFE packages provided as MUS or a CAB file. This tool becomes handy when you need to take a closer look what files or registry settings an update applies.   The Read More …

Quick Access to installed QFEs

Instead of opening several windows, here’s an easy way to get a list of installed QFE’s. simply open a command prompt and type: WMIC QFE or WMIC QFE get caption,hotfixid,installedon or if you are looking for a specific update, enter the following command: WMIC QFE | find “958559” where 958559 relates to the MS KB number. If the QFE is installed, it will be listed. Related posts: 3 seconds to get system serial number

Microsoft Knowledge Base – What’s new ?

So often you find yourself with a technical problem and after long searching you might come across a Microsoft Knowledge base article. Especially with new products so called quick fix engineering updates are provided on a regular basis, so I was wondering how do you get to know about such QFE’s ?. I finally came across the website which is scanning the Microsoft Knowledge Base every night.