Live Mesh – A review

It’s been in May this year that i first wrote about Microsoft Live Mesh, later in July I was able to get it installed and since then i have been using it on a regular basis. Not that there is anything new in remote controlling a PC and sharing documents, but it is the simplicity how it is done and how it can be used. Once you have added your clients to live mesh, you Read More …

Finally joining the Mesh

Microsoft has opened live mesh to more testers, although only to users located in the U.S. Well, after changing the regional settings, you get to the next page, where you can sign-up 🙂 And after a few seconds…….

Blocking Live Mesh within corporate networks

When i wrote about Live Mesh back in May, I asked myself what corporate security administrators would thnik about having their users starting meshing their private and business systenms. In Microsofts KB951861 you find more information on how IT Administrators can block Live Mesh on their networks.