Preparing my Application Guard for Office test lab

Hello everyone, today I wanted to see application guard for office in action. If you are not familiar with application guard for office, I suggest you read the following articles / documentation. Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office Application Guard Read More …

Microsoft Threat Protection – Using advanced hunting to see what’s going on with your mail

Last December Microsoft introduced Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) including advanced hunting that allows us to run queries across multiple data sources i.e. Microsoft Defender ATP and Office 365 ATP. If you haven’t heard yet about MTP I recommend reading Christian Read More …

Retrieving Office 365 roadmap information with PowerShell

Here’s a small cmdlet I wrote today to pull the Office 365 roadmap information with PowerShell.


PowerShell Script – Get-MsolUserInformation

The Get-MsolUserInformation cmdlet provides an easy way to retrieve all users that are a member or guest and/or are registered in Azure Directory or Active Directory.


Office 365 PowerShell script to retrieve AccountSku license information

A small PowerShell script that lists all users that have the specified Office 365 AccountSkuid enabled on their account.