Office 365 Centralized Deployment service

Just recently Microsoft announced the general availability of the Office 365 centralized deployment service. I have tested it and it really makes deploying Office Add-ins super easy. The add-in configuration and deployment can be managed through the Office 365 portal or using PowerShell.

For a quick overview watch the video “How to Deploy Office Add-ins within Your Organization”.

Now since I like using PowerShell, here’s a quick example how to enable and deploy an Office Add-in.

First download and install the Office 365 Centralized Deployment PowerShell module. Get-Command -Module OrganizationAddInService shows you all the available cmdlets

Within the Office Store I have found an add-in that i want to deploy called the “Geographic Heat Map”


From the URL extract the Office store asset id of the add-in

New-OrganizationAddIn -AssetId WA103304320 -Locale en-US -ContentMarket en-US -Members "" –Disabled

Let’s take a look at the add-in details

Get-OrganizationAddIn -ProductId e69e87c3-de20-491e-b891-0d75e1e1c6bf | fl

AssetId                  : WA103304320
AppId                    : 
Capabilities             : {ReadWrite Document, Send Data}
Description              : This app will help you visualize data across 
                           geographic locations. It's simply formatting on a 
LicenseTermsUrl          :
LimitedAvailability      : True
Locale                   : 
LocalizedDescriptions    : 
LocalizedIconUrls        : 
LocalizedNames           : 
OfficeProducts           : {Excel}
PrivacyPolicyUrl         :
ProviderName             : Keyur Patel
Scopes                   : {}
StatusCode               : Removed
StoreStatusCode          : Ok
Type                     : PrivateCatalogStoreAddIn
AssignedGroups           : {}
AssignedUsers            : {1eac8e26-62fa-47b9-b501-8027da8ca88b;GA_S082AQ@swiss
                 ;GA_Alex Verboon}
DisplayName              : Geographic Heat Map
IconUrl                  :
ProductId                : e69e87c3-de20-491e-b891-0d75e1e1c6bf
ServicePrincipalObjectId : 
Version                  : 1.1

The add-in is still not enabled, so let’s do that now.

Set-OrganizationAddIn -ProductId e69e87c3-de20-491e-b891-0d75e1e1c6bf -Enabled $true
ProductId                            DisplayName         OfficeProducts StatusCode
---------                            -----------         -------------- ----------
e69e87c3-de20-491e-b891-0d75e1e1c6bf Geographic Heat Map {Excel}        Ok


Now lets open Excel, and see if the add-in is available.


and there we go.


I told you, it’s super easy.

More information here:

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