PowerShell Script to Retrieve Internet Explorer Telemetry Data

During the past days I have been busy deploying the Internet Explorer Site Discovery Toolkit to our Internet Explorer 11 test clients. I will write about the deployment of the Toolkit in a separate post. Today I would like to share with you a PowerShell script I put together that allows you to retrieve the collected Internet Explorer Telemetry data from local or remote computers.

Internet Explorer Telemetry data is stored into the following WMI Classes

Namespace Class
root/cimv2/ietelemetry IESystemInfo
root/cimv2/ietelemetry IECountInfo
root/cimv2/ietelemetry IEURLInfo

When running the Get-IETelemetryURLInfo command against a target machine, the script retrieves all information from the above listed WMI Classes. To make reading the results a bit more comprehensive I have extended the information that is returned by the script.



The ActiveXDetail property holds additional information about the detected ActiveX object. By default only the ActiveXGUID is stored within the ActiveXGUID property. The script loops through each stored ActiveXGUID and searches for a match in the $ActiveXlist that is included in the script and provides a descriptive name.


The BroswerStateDesc property translates the BroswerStateReason property Code.

0 Unitialized;
1 IntranetsitesinCompatibilityViewchecked;
2 SiteisonGroupPolicyCVlist;
3 AddedtotheCVlistbytheuser;
4 X-UA-Compatibleappliedtopage;
5 Setbythedevelopertoolbar;
7 SiteonMSCVlist;
8 SiteonQuirksGroupPolicylist;
10 WebPlatformversionsupplied;
11 BrowserDefault;


The DocModeReasonDesc property translates the DocModeReason property code.

0 Uninitialized
1 MSHTMPADtracetagsforDRTs
2 Sessiondocumentmodesupplied
4 X-UA-Compatiblemetatag
5 X-UA-CompatibleHTTPheader
6 CVList-imposedmode
7 NativeXMLParsingMode
8 ToplevelQMEFCKwasset,andmodewasdeterminedbyit
9 Documentmodeistheresultofthepage’sdoctypeandthebrowsermode
10 modesuppliedasahint(notsetbyarule)
11 We’vebeenconstrainedtoafamilycanonlyhaveasinglemode(notsetbyarule)
12 Webplatformversionsupplied;thereforealigndocmodetowebplatformversion
13 Toplevelimagefileisset,andmodewasdeterminedbyit
14 Feedviewermodedeterminesdocmode


The ZoneDescription property translates the Zone property code:

-1 Invalid
0 Local Machine
1 Intranet
2 Trusted
3 Internet
4 Untrusted

The ActiveX switch

When launching the script with the optional -ActiveX switch, the script returns detailed information about the identified ActiveX components.


Following is the full script. You can download this script from the Script Center Repository Retrieve Internet Explorer Telemetry Information (Get-IETelemetryInfo)



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