Group Policy Management expanding into MDM

During the Channel 9 session “Windows 10 Client Goodness with Joe Belfiore” (at 12 minutes 04 of the recorded session)  there was an interesting comment from Joe about Group Policy Management in Widows 10. If you’re dealing with Group Policy Management today, the following comments from Joe might be of interest.

What we’re trying to do in Windows 10. And here’s another case where you think of a core operating system that shares among a bunch of
different devices. Today many companies are using Group Policy to manage PCs and companies are using MDM systems as they are getting from
a wide range of vendors to manage their diverse populations of tables and phones and so on. Well with Windows 10 we want to make sure that
all of our customers can have the flexibility to pick the system that makes sense for them so we are going to continue to have terrific group
policy support for PC’s as you would expect but we are also going to enable MDM systems to manage PCs as well. So if you have an MDM system that you like and you are managing phones and tablets, you can use that MDM system and now manage your PCs as well.

So what this means is that with Windows 10, managing client settings will no longer be limited to just Active Directory based Group Policy Management but will also become possible using MDM.

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