ToolTip: Remote Desktop remote configurator (RDRemote)

I’ve found another useful utility called RDRemote. The RDRemote Utility allows to enable the Remote Desktop connections from a remote computer using WMI. RDRemote can be downloaded from here

Tip: How to extract Office 2010 Customization file content (MSP)

If you have an Office 2010 installation that is customized by use of the Office customization tool the customizations are stored within an MSP file that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. To extract the content you can use a vbscript that Microsoft has published on TechNet – View Office Customization Tool output in Office 2010 Simply copy paste the code provided within the article into a file called ExtractOctXml.vbs and then run the following Read More …

ToolTip: Path Copy Copy

During my bi-weekly CodePlex browsing session, I came across this nice little utility called Path Copy Copy which is an Explorer add-in for copying file or folder paths. Download Path Copy Copy from here

Using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool with custom ISO files

Most of you are probably familiar with the Microsoft Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool which allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB or a DVD. Now the Tool works great with the original Microsoft Windows 7 ISO files, but when you want to use the tool for your own customized Windows 7 installation ISO files you might get an error as shown below. Now luckily the tool Read More …

ToolTip: CaptureScreen

Here’s another FREE Screen capture utility. Just download and run, no installation needed. Download and documentation can be found here

ToolTip: DriverStore Explorer

In my previous blog post Inside the Windows 7 Driver Store I explained how to retrieve information about the Windows in-box drivers. Beside the in-box drivers the driver store also hosts the drivers installed via Windows Update or the native OEM provided driver installation package. The Driver Store Explorer utility provides a GUI interface for the Windows Driver Store. So instead of using pnputil (read Vijay’s post for details) or dism, the Driver Store Explorer Read More …

ToolTip: Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit

As seen for previous service packs, Microsoft released an update of the Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit for those that would like to temporarily prevent installation of Service Pack updates through Windows Update. Download and details here

ToolTip: RAMMon–Retrieve Memory Module Information

Plan to add more RAM to your PC? What memory module do you need? Here’s a nice FREE (for personal use) tool called RAMMon. RAMMon is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to quickly retrieve the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data from their RAM modules. It will allow users to identify a multitude of attributes, of which, includes the manufacturer, the clockspeed and other data of their DDR2, DDR3, XMP and Read More …

ToolTip: SMB BranchCache deployment Diagnosis script

Just found this SMB BranchCache deployment diagnosis script on MSDN Code Gallery. The Test-SMBBranchCache script is used to find common SMB BranchCache misconfiguration issues. It allows a user to verify the SMB BranchCache server or client configuration. When run on a server, it can test the state of a BranchCache-enabled network share. When run on a client, it can do an end-to-end validation of the SMB BranchCache functionality. Download documentation and diagnosis script from here

ToolTip: Network Delay Simulator

How long does it take to copy 1 GB over a slow network connection? How fast does my virtual application start? Today I came across a nice FREE utility called Network Delay Simulator. Network Simulator tool allows you to perform network bandwidth and delay simulation (simulate slow/congested links between nodes) on any connection from your computer to any remote node (on the local LAN or remote over Internet). More information and download links can be Read More …