Managing Windows Defender / System Center Endpoint Security with PowerShell

I just read a blog post from Ed Wilson (Scripting Guy) about Use PowerShell to Configure Windows Defender Preferences and wondered if there’s more here. And yes there is. If you have a default insallation of Windows 8 and have defender enabled or work in an enterprise environment and use Configuration Manager with the  System Center Endpoint Security agent deployed on your clients then you the below listed cmdlets available. Windows Defender To get a Read More …

PowerShell – How to qukckly access the Azure Management Portal

Whenever I worked with Azure, first thing i usualy did was fire a web search to get the url for the Azure Management portal. I know I could bookmark it……’s just that I already have way too many bookmarks. But today I discovered a nice cmdlet in PowerShell called Show-AzurePortal which gets you automatically to the right place.

Note: You must install the Azure PowerShell cmdlets.