How to upload content from an IPad to Microsoft SkyDrive

Most of the time I use my IPad (Until I get a Windows 8 Tablet) for reading manuals, whitepapers etc. but then I often used to e-mail the links to myself so I could download the content on my PC later as well. But now that there’s SkyDrive for the IPad this has an end. So far I had only used SkyDrive on the IPad to access content I had uploaded form my PC, but yesterday I actually figured out how I can also easily upload content from my IPad. So just in case you had not figured that one out yet, here’s how it goes.

So first go a site where for example you open a PDF document as shown in the example below.


Then once the document has opened tab on the screen, then a button “Open in “SkyDrive” should appear.



If not already started, the IPad will launch the SkyDrive app.


Then click on the lower right corner, the “Files” menu should appear, then select the Folder where you want to upload the file.


and once uploaded the file is shown on SkyDrive.


And now the file is also accessible on my Windows PC.



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