XenClient – Bringing the Hypervisor to the client

I had the pleasure to look at the XenClient a few months ago when it was still under development, but now anyone can download it from the XenClient Citrix web site. Never heard of XenClient before? Well then watch the video, I’m sure one or the other is going to like this.

Citrix XenClient a bare metal client hypervisor

Today Hypervisors are classified into two types. Type 1 is the so-called native bare metal hypervisor and type 2 the hosted hypervisor. Within the server based computing world there are various products available based on Type 1 (VMWare ESX Server, Citrix XEN Server) or Type 2 (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare Server). Within the Desktop computing space most of us have rather been using Type2 based solutions such as VMWare Workstation or Microsoft VirtualPC. With Citrix XenClient Read More …