Download and Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit with PowerShell

Back in June 2012 I posted the Automated download and Installation for the Windows Assessment and Deployment kit article. Not a lot has changed since then,i.e. you still need to first download the sources before you can install them. Nevertheless since using batch scripts isn’t really state of the art anymore these days,I decided to rewrite the script in PowerShell.

Downlload source from GitHub

Windows 10 Upgrade Analytics – Notes and PowerShell snippets

I am considering using the Windows 10 upgrade analytics for our Windows 10 project that we’ve just started just recently. Below you find some random notes and references I have gathered during my exploration journey. The Upgrade Analytics Blog Here is where you find the latest information from the Upgrade Analytics team: Upgrade Analytics on TechNet Information about the Architecture, deployment techniques, prerequisites and more can be found here: If you have concerns Read More …