Get-CMTSAgentSetupInfo (Get ConfigMgr Task Sequence Agent Setup Step Info)

We recently performed an upgrade of our ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Infrastructure and due to way how we install the Agent and Agent patches, we had to update the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step within a number of our Task Sequences. I therefore wrote the below Get-CMTSAgentSetupInfo.ps1 PowerShell script which dumps all the ConfigMgr Agent Setup step information from all or specified task sequences. The script retrieves the following information: Task Sequence Name Agent Instalaltion propoerties Read More …

ToolTip: Attribute Changer

While writing a script that checks the number of days between now and when a particular folder is created I found this Windows Explorer extension called Attribute Changer. Very handy utility when you need to change the creation date of a file or folder to simulate an earlier or later date.  Attribute Changer can be downloaded from here