No MBSA for Windows 8 planned

Many companies and individuals use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) to assess the security state of their Windows Clients. But according to a statement from Microsoft in their August 2012 Security Bulletin, there are currently no plans to release an updated version for Windows 8. Q: Will the current version of MBSA support Windows 8? A: No, the current version of MBSA will not support Windows 8 and Microsoft currently has no plans to Read More …

Windows Update Explained

Just found a document called Windows Update Explained on the Microsoft Update Team Blog.  The document provides a good insight on how Windows Update works.

It’s about time to install MS08-067

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s about time you get the MS08-067 patch installed on your Windows clients. According to a recent post on the Microsoft® Malware Protection Center blog, another wave of attacks has been identified. By the way for those still running Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft indeed seems to have a patch for that retired OS but companies will have to pay to get it.

All security updates on a DVD

I do periodically browse through the Microsoft Download Center (Beta) to see if there is anything new that is of interest to me. Today i came across Article 913086 which describes an alternative way of obtaining all Microsoft Security patches for all Operating systems and languages. The ISO image files are intended for corporate administrators who: • Manage large multinational organizations. • Must download multiple individual language versions of each security update. • Do not use Read More …