Office Communicator–Do Not Disturb

Nowadays most enterprises use some sort of instant messaging solution like Jabber or Microsoft Office Communicator which now is called Microsoft Lync. While there are many advantages in using an instant messaging client such as quickly asking someone for information instead of writing an e-mail, or check someone’s availability for a short phone call, there are also some disadvantages. First people always expect to get an immediate response, second there is a risk that people Read More …

Outlook add-in for Office Communicator

Those of you who work with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 might be interested in this one. On the MSDN code Gallery you can find a Communicator Add In for Outlook 2007. Instead of switching between the two applications, the Add In embeds your Office Communicator contacts in Outlook 2007 as shown in the picture below.