Copying command-line tools from Windows into WinPE, don’t forget the localization files

To keep the footprint of WinPE as small as possible many services or tools usually found within a full Windows installation are not available within WinPE. So if you need a command-line tool from Windows such as icacls.exe you just copy the executable into your WinPE sources and you’re done. But hey, when booting into WinPE and executing icacls.exe, nothing is displayed, the command itself however works. Unfortunately just copying the the executable alone isn’t Read More …

Windows 7 and Multilanguage Packs

Most of you actively dealing with Windows 7 deployments probably know about the Multilanguage Packs for Windows 7 , but since I do still get questions about this every now and then, I thought it’s worth to do a brief recap on this subject. For the sake of simplicity I’ve created a Q&A based summary. Q:  What is the default language of Windows 7 A:  The Windows 7 (as Vista) core operating system is language Read More …

Windows Server 2008-R2 Multilanguage Packs

When I recently browsed through the Windows Download Center I noticed that there is a download for “Windows Server 2008 R2 Multilingual User Interface Language Packs”. Having worked with Multilanguage Packs for the Windows Client operating system since these were introduced with Windows 2000, I was astonished to see these in the public download center, because for Windows Clients you must have a Software Assurance or other Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft to use Multilanguage Packs. Read More …

Windows Multilanguage Packs explained

Speaking with various people I often notice that some do not understand in detail the concepts and benefits around the Windows Multilanguage Packs. The video below provides an in depth overview around the concepts and use of Windows MUI Packs.  Hope it’s usefull. [videofile][/videofile]

Multilanguage pack update for XP SP3

Those that deploy Windows XP Service Pack 3 English and use multilanguage packs should consider the following update that fixes some localization issues. KB942766 and download here.