ToolTip: FTPStats for FileZilla

FTPstats is a log analyzer and stats compiler for FileZilla FTP Server. It generates usage statistics from log files and presents them in a user-friendly fashion. FTPStats can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: Bits GUI Admin

In an earlier post Using BITS for file downloads I wrote about how to use BITS for file transfers. Today I had a BITS related topic at work, so needed a brief refresher and found some additional interesting things. First I came across a TechNet Utility Spotlight article Scripting Trouble-Free downloads with BITS. If you are interested in creating your own BITS based download scripts, read this article and download the provided bitsjob.vbs and bitsjob.cmd Read More …

Verifying your file downloads

Today we once more ran into an issue caused by a corrupted file transfer. I mention “once more” because this is something I see happening all the time. So let me drop a couple of words on this. When putting content on an FTP site consider creating a checksum file as this will allow others to validate their file downloads. Just comparing file size is not enough (examples follow). There are many freeware tools that Read More …

ToolTip – RichCopy

This week I read the Utility Spotlight article on TechNet about RichCopy. RichCopy is a great tool for copying, synchronizing and moving file contents around. Consider RichCopy as an enhanced robocopy GUI. One of the great features is that it can use multiple threads for file copying activities. I’ve been using it only for 2 days now, but I’m sure it becomes part of my must have toolset.