PowerShell Script Get-BatteryChargeStatus

Update 01.08.2017 I have updated the script to ensure that the Windows.Devices.Power.Battery class is properly loaded, as this wasn’t the case in a PowerShell 64 bit session. A little script i wrote to retrieve the Battery Charge status. The script makes use of the BatteryReport class that agregates the information should the device have more than one battery like the Surface Book.


Engineering Windows 7 still alive – Windows 7 Battery Notification Messages

After months of silence (last post was on August 10, 2009) a new blog post was added on the Engineering Windows 7 blog. Looks like there is something to say about Batteries. Read the full story about “Windows 7 Battery Notification Messages” here Related articles: ToolTip: Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7

No Battery Alarm Sound on Vista – it’s by design

Early this year I bought a new laptop for my wife with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed, before she used a notebook with Windows XP. Since she is using that new notebook, she is regularly complaining about Windows Vista just shutting down. Of course we could argue that people should read the messages they get such as the one below:   If Windows Vista would play a sound, people would probably pay more attention to Read More …