Retrieving Office 365 roadmap information with PowerShell

Here’s a small cmdlet I wrote today to pull the Office 365 roadmap information with PowerShell.


Download and Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit with PowerShell

Back in June 2012 I posted the Automated download and Installation for the Windows Assessment and Deployment kit article. Not a lot has changed since then,i.e. you still need to first download the sources before you can install them. Nevertheless since using batch scripts isn’t really state of the art anymore these days,I decided to rewrite the script in PowerShell.

Downlload source from GitHub

PowerShell Script – Get-MsolUserInformation

The Get-MsolUserInformation cmdlet provides an easy way to retrieve all users that are a member or guest and/or are registered in Azure Directory or Active Directory.


Clean up unused Azure Resources with PowerShell

Today when I opened my Azure portal I had a little surprise. The monthly MSDN subscription credit was much lower as I expected it to be. Did I eventually forget to turn off a virtual machine? Curious to find out where the cost had come from, I drilled into the subscription details and noticed that the higher costs had come from the Premium storage that I had used recently to deploy a virtual machine using Read More …

PowerShell script to run the Windows App Certification Kit

The Windows App Certification Kit is an easy to use tool to check whether an application has potential compatibility issues when running on Windows 10.  The tool can be executed in GUI mode and in command line mode. I wrote a PowerShell script that runs the Windows App Certification Kit in a more or less automated way. I say more or less, because the application installation process of the application itself might still prompt for Read More …

Office 365 PowerShell script to retrieve AccountSku license information

A small PowerShell script that lists all users that have the specified Office 365 AccountSkuid enabled on their account.

PowerShell Script – Get-IscMSSecBulletinInfo

Hey there, the Internet Storm Center recently extended their Rest API with some features for Microsoft Patch Data. So where there is a REST API, there’s an opportunity for a PowerShell Script.  The Get-IscMSSecBulletinInfo can be found here: Cheers /Alex

Creating a Virtual Network using Azure Resource Manager – Part 2

In the previous article (Part1) I walked through the steps of creating a Virtual Network using Azure Resource Manager and Visual Studio. In this article, we’ll look at using the Azure PowerShell cmdlets the some options for using parameters. For this walkthrough you need the following: An Azure Subscription that allows you to deploy resources Azure PowerShell 1.0 or great, download and installation details can be found here   First login to Azure using the Read More …

Creating a Virtual Network using Azure Resource Manager – Part 1

A few weeks ago I wondered why in the Azure Portal some of the resources where flagged as “classic”. The article Understanding Resource Manager deployment and classic deployment provided the answer I was looking for and was the start of an interesting journey into Azure Resource Manager. If you haven’t heard of Azure Resource Manager yet, I highly recommend reading the Azure Resource Manager overview or watch the Introduction to Azure Resource Manager video available Read More …