How to manage LAPS DebugLogging with PowerShell

If you need to troubleshoot the Local Administrator Password Solution LAPS you can configure how much information is written into the Windows Event log.

Logging options are set through the following REG_DWORD values described below under:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GPExtensions\{D76B9641-3288-4f75-942D-087DE603E3EA}\ExtensionDebugLevel

Value Meaning
0 Silent mode; log errors only When no error occurs, no information is logged about CSE activity This is a default value
1 Log Errors and warnings
2 Verbose mode, log everything

Becasue navigating manually through the registry and modifying registry keys is a bit of a pain, I wrote two PowerShell cmdlets.

The Get-LAPSLoggingMode cmdlet retrieves the current LAPS logging configuration, Set-LAPSLoggingmode allows you to configure the LAPS logging configuration.

I used the PowerShell function template described here and extended the concept to use custom parameters and added some additional logic to allow running the functions remotely and locally. Since not everyone has WinRM enabled, the functions can be used on the local machine without WinRM enabled.



Cheers and happy logging

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