I have multiple Azure subscriptions linked to my account, so anytime I connect to Azure in PowerShell I have to make sure i am working in the right context. To simplify this I wrote a little helper function called Select-MyAzureRmSubscription. After entering the -SubscriptionName parameter the script enumerates alll the subscriptions I have access to and generates a dynamic parameter option.

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Windows recommends PowerPoint Viewer 2007 though there is a 2010 version

While working on my Windows 8 test client, I downloaded a PowerPoint file and because I don’t have Office installed Windows prompts me how I would like to open this file. Knowing that it will point me to the PowerPoint Viewer I choose to look for an app on the web. But surprisingly the Windows File Association information site recommendation lists Microsoft Power Point 2007 and PowerPoint Viewer 2007. So I start to wonder whether Read More …