Windows 8 – How to disable the Metro logon screen

When starting Windows 8 you’ll see the Metro logon screen as shown in the picture below.

2011-09-15 21h03_55

The user logon then looks like this.

2011-09-15 21h04_50

If you prefer to get the Windows 7 style logon screen back, set RPEnabled to 0 the key is stored under

The next time you logon the Metro style will be gone and you get back the classic logon screen.

2011-09-15 21h07_21

By the way if you want the classic start menu back I suggest you read How to Enable Good Old Windows Vista and 7 Style Start Menu and Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 Developer Preview?

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  1. Make sure you have a local account setup first.

    I was using windows live account and then did this reg change (locked myself out, the classic UI can’t use windows live accounts), Now i just see a wallpaper with power options.


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