ToolTip: HIDECALC – Hiding Drives in Windows

Want to make a drive disappear in Windows or prevent users from accessing it? then here’s the tool you need. HIDECALC allows you to define the drives to hide or prevent access to. HIDECALC does not apply the change on the system itself, but provides various options for exporting the settings into the following formats:

  • Group Policy ADMX or ADM format
  • Registry File
  • Kix Script
  • PowerShell Script

2011-09-02 18h59_20

So here’s how this works.

  1. Launch HIDECALC,
  2. Define the drives to hide or prevent access to
  3. Apply the script / GPO


2011-09-02 19h51_47

After hiding the Drive

2011-09-02 19h54_14

After just preventing access to the Drive

2011-09-02 19h04_59

HIDECALC is FREE and can be downloaded from here

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