Palm Memories

This week HP announced to acquire Palm. Palm?, oh yeah those that created the Palm Pilot. I remember well, it was somewhere around 1996 and 1997 when several of our users users came up with this thing called Palm PDA and wanted to synchronize their calendars with our E-Mail system Lotus Notes. Nowadays we just connect our mobile phone to our PC and things magically start to synchronize, I can tell you this wasn’t the case then.

I walked down the memory lane a bit and did some searches on Palm. Here’s what I found:

Palm Pilot 1000 Retrospective (Palm Infocenter)
The PalmPilot Story (Computer History Museum)
Computer History Museum – Palm Pictures
From the Palm Pilot to the Palm Pre (PC Magazine)
Palm – Wikipedia

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  1. Those Palms were always so annoying. I had to work with them back around the 2004 time frame. The software NEVER worked the way people expected it to.


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