Updated MS10-015 Security Update and Kernel Update Compatibility Assessment Tool

During the past weeks we have seen quite some messages about the MS10-015 security update which can cause bluescreens after being installed. According to a recent post on the Microsoft Security Response Center blog there is a revised installation package for MS10-015 that prevents the update from installing if abnormal conditions exist such as an infection of a computer virus as the Alureon rootkit. More details about the updated MS10-015 security update can be found here

In addition Microsoft today also released the Kernel Update Compatibility Assessment Tool that allows systems administrators who are concerned about deploying MS10-015 throughout their enterprise to perform an upfront assessment to identify clients that could have a compatibility issue with MS10-015.

Beside the Compatibility Tool mpsyschk.exe itself Microsoft has also added a sample batch file that could be added to a corporate logon or startup script. The script executes mpsyschk.exe and reports the status into a log file that can be stored on a central share. In a very large environment you also want to consider to write the status into a local log file and collect the results through a custom inventory on your Systems Management system.

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