Windows 7 Application Compatibility List

Some of you are probably involved in some sort of Windows 7 migration preparation activities and like with any operating system migration, application compatibility is one of the most important topics you will need to focus on. If you need to do a first pre-study on your application compatibility status, then I suggest you download the Windows 7 Application Compatibility List for IT Professionals and compare the content with the applications your company or client is using, this might allow you to do a first estimate on how much effort you will need to spend on Application Compatibility related tasks.

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  1. When moving legacy XP apps (even so called “compatible” to new system, Windows 7 might suffer from instabilities and crashes caused by incompatibilities, corrupt drivers, applications and system files from the old XP (especially malware and spyware).
    Virtual PC/XP Mode seems much better technical solutions to preserve leagacy XP/Vista staff working under 7.
    The main problem with VirtualPC/XP Mode is that it provides EMPTY VM AND DOESN’T CARE AT ALL TO MIGRATE YOUR LEGACY XP APPLICATIONS.
    In contrary, Zinsatll XP7 also provide VM and also migrates all the soft from XP to 7.
    Besides, VirtualPC/XP Mode :

    * requires hardware-assisted virtualization
    * is only available for the Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7

  2. i have yet to encounter any application difficulties with Win 7. I have installed some older apps, such as Office 2003 and Photoshop 7 with no adverse effects. The worst I have seen is that I can not install the HP software suite for an all-in-one printer because the installer package auto-detects the OS and exits.

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