ToolTip – Fences

Do you remember the days where your desktop looked like on the picture below ? If you were using Windows in the late 80’s and early 90s you definitely will. The Windows Shell was called Program Manager. In Program Manager the various application shortcuts were organized in groups.

File:Program Manager.png

With the introduction of Windows 95 Program Manager was replaced by the Windows Explorer as the shell. In simple words, that’s when Microsoft introduced the “Start Menu”.

Today I came across a utility called Stardock Fences that brings back some of the Program Manager user experience for Windows XP, Vista and Woindows7 users.

The concept is quite simple. With Fences you can organize your desktop shortcuts into individual groups (fences).


Using Fences is easy. If you are looking for a utility to organize your desktop, then Fences is definitely a tool you should evaluate.

Download Stardock Fences here

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