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Just surfing a bit on the Internet, i get a Skype call from our friends who live in Perth Australia and asking me how to reduce the size of pictures before sending them via e-mail.

If you have Microsoft Office 2007 installed, images can be easily resized using the build-in export function.


An easy to read step by step guide for Microsoft Office Picture Manager can be found on the Towson University site.

Another option is to use the Windows Photo Gallery application that ships with windows Vista.


When having selected a picture and then push on the email button you can define the size of the picture before it gets attached to a new email.


In case nothing happens after you select the Attach button, check your default e-mail program settings as described here:

And finally, if you aren’t happy with all the build-in options Windows Vista provides you with, there is 3rd party software that can help as well in reducing picture file size. An easy to use utility i found is VSO Image Resizer. The software is free for non commercial use and comes with a very easy to use user interface.


with just a few clicks the original picture that has 709 KB file size was reduced to 172 KB.

Note that all I wrote here was based on using Windows Vista, Windows XP users want to have a look at the Windows Power Toys for Windows XP that contains a image resizer as well.

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