SCVMM 2008 – After 48 hours

It’s about 48 hours ago , that i started with setting up a System Center Virtual Machine Manager environment, No worries, i have been doinng otherthings in between, although today , uhm yesterday I spend most of the time with it. Also the hardware I have available , isn’t realy that powerfull, so it all takes a bit time, but that’s okay, while waiting I’ve just continued reading.

So for all those that plan to give SCVMM a try as well but don’t have big powerfull servers available let me encourage you, my setup is as following:

  • Windows 2008 x64 with Hyper-V runs on a HP 8710p notebook with a 150 GB disk and 2 GB RAM
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager runs on Windows 2008 x64 that runs in a WMWare Workstation session that runs on a HP dc7800 desktop with 2 GB RAM, the session has 1024 GB RAM assigned
  • The System Center Virtual Machine Manager Console is installed on Windows Vista SP1 that runs in a VMWare Workstation Session that runs on another desktop with 3 GB RAM.
  • An Active Directory is required, not for the guest systems you run in SCVMM but for SCVMM itself. I run the AD on a Windows 2003 Server within VMWare as well, as i was slowly running out of RAM on my physical machine, i just gave it a 256 MB RAM, works well so far.

In general i do strongly recommend that before you start installing the various component, you make sure you are working with a most resent installation, e.g. Vista must be SP1 and for Windows Server 2008, there are a couple of important updates to be applied, espeically to update the Hyper-V Server. Read Warning on Hyper-V hosts under SCVMM for more details.

The first page to start is the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager site. More VM related links can be found on the Virtual PC Guy blog.

To be continued….

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