PowerShell – Creating Dummy files

Here’s a function I wrote to create a large dummy file either filled with zero’s or random characters. The -Target parameter must be eitehr a file including the path or just the path. If the path does not exist, it will be created. If only a path is provided a file with a random file name is generated.

Run the following command to create a dummy file of 10 MB with random content

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Getting your OS Restore DVD to work with large image files

This week, we completed the Windows 7 x64 build for our internal Tech Community. During the testing of the OS Restore DVD we ran into a problem when attempting to restore the image from DVD. Our custom Windows 7 64 bit image has a size of approx. 4.8 GB. This because the 64 bit version of Windows7 has a larger footprint than the 32 bit version and because we had included some applications like Office Read More …

ToolTip: HJ-Split

Having troubles with transferring large files? here’s a small and FREE utility called HJ-Split that helps you splitting and joining large files Although the GUI looks a bit fancy, the utility works fine. HJ-Split does not require an installation, you can just download and launch it.   Click here to download HJ-Split.

Create empty files using fsutil.exe

I am currently busy with testing BranchCache in a real world environment. I will share more about these tests in another post. Testing BranchCache does mainly consist of copying files over the WAN and monitor how the client cache is being populated and how other clients, that copy the same content from the remote BranchCache enabled server, utilize the distributed cache located on peer clients that reside within the same LAN segment. Before testing the Read More …