Finding Ignite 2020 and Tech Community video hub content with PowerShell

This week at Ignite 2020 Microsoft delivered 811 sessions. Although I did attend several sessions during the live event, I was not able to join all the sessions I wanted to. But luckily most of the sessions are recorded so they can be watched online or if you prefer you can download the video and content. Like every year, Microsoft provides a PowerShell script to download all the content or specific sessions.

When you click on the ‘Download Resources’ link, you’ll get the ‘.\Download-Resources.ps1’ PowerShell script.

Great, but before you can download the sessions, you need the Session Code that isn’t always displayed on the web site, in most cases you find the session code at the beginning of the video replay. If you used the Ignite session planner you might have already a list of sessions you want to watch and if you added them to your backpack you can also download them so you get a word document with all the sessions you’re interested in. But all this requires quite a bit of clicking through the Ignite website, so If you love PowerShell as much as I do, you can use PowerShell to browse through the content.

First let’s get all the session information

Next, let’s take a look at the solution areas

Following are a few examples how you can search for content

Now let’s look at all the sessions we stored into the $security variable.

List Sessions with Session Code and Title. Now you have the session code and can download the content.

Or if you prefer to watch the content online simply grab the direct links to the on demand session and slide deck

You might have noticed that some of the content communicated this week is available on the Tech Community Video Hub. Here we can also search for content using PowerShell.

You find the code snippets on my GitHub gists here:



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