Get the latest version of the GPOTool.exe

The latest version of the GPOtool is the one that is included within the Microsoft Windows 2003 Resource kit. That’s what we all used to know. BUT hey I just figured out a few days ago that there is actually an official newer version around it’s included within the Microsoft Product Reports Utility.

Here’s how to get it. When launching the mpsreports_x86.exe or mpsreports_x64.exe the utility extracts the files into the temp folder.

2011-07-23 22h36_39

when completed, head over to you temp folder and look for the folder with the most recent Modify time.

2011-07-23 22h39_48

Then navigate down to the bin folder folder located under C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Temp\<your folder>\MPSReports\tools\bin and get the latest version of the GPOTool.exe

2011-07-23 22h43_04

Source File Version
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit 6.0.4000.0
Microsoft Product Support Reports Utility 6.0.5468.0

If you’re an Enterprise Admin dealing with GPOs I recommend downloading this latest version, it just happened to me that the newer version provided more details on a particular issue than the old one.

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  1. Nice find, thanks for sharing!

    When I ran the 64 bit version of this it just seemed to go straight into running the diagnostic (after accepting the licence), and I could not find any evidence of the correct temp folder in appdata\local\temp.

    However, using 7Zip to open the original mpsreports_x64.exe file as an archive, I was able to extract “File 58” which had a size of 66,368 bytes and seemed about right compared to your 64.8 kb in the screenshot.
    Renamed to GPOTool.exe and confirmed correct file and new version.

    Thanks again!

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